sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

The Kinks - Kinks

1. Beautiful Delilah
2. So mystifying
3. Just can´t go to sleep
4. Long tall shorty
5. I took my baby today´
6. I´m a lover not a fighter
7. You really got me
8. Cadillac
9. Bald headed woman
11.Too much monkey business
12.I´ve been driving on bald mountain
13.Stop you sobbing
14.Got love if you want it
15.Long tall Sally
16.You still want me
17.You do something to me
18.It´s alright
19.All day and all of the night
20.I gotta move
21.Louie, Louie
22.I gotta go now
23.Things are getting better
24.I´ve got that feeling
25.Too much monkey business
26.I don´t need you any more

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